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Finding Your Voice

with  Johnathon Sawdon


Saturday 11 June 2016 13.30-17.00



Flanders Acting Studio

25 Rue Walcourt

1070 Brussels



€70 (places limited to max. 8 participants)


A half-day introductory voice coaching workshop in English

for enhancing and improving your speaking voice.


The workshop will take a linear approach starting with basic vocal technique, discovering the voice through sounds, building sounds into words and delivering the words in an engaging and impactful way, using established voice and acting techniques. Whether you want to complement your presentation skills, gain confidence in public speaking or deliver a monologue, this group session will give you a chance to explore your voice and become more aware of the importance of your vocal performance in communication. ‘It’s not just what you say, but very often how you say it that people remember.’



is a professional, British actor based in Brussels. He has more than 26 years’ experience in theatre, television and film as well as being a voice artist, voice and drama coach and corporate trainer.

+32 (0)486 28 15 60
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