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J o h n   F l a n d e r s

Founder of the Flanders Acting Studio



12711 Ventura Boulevard, Suite #285

Studio City, California 91604

(818) 505-1431


Lauren Rosen

Becca Thomas



John Flanders is a professional actor and active member of the  “Three A's” - AEA, SAG and AFTRA – for over 30 years. John earned his BA  Degree in Drama from the University of California San Diego, minoring in Communications and the Visual Arts. He has performed for stage, television, film and radio; and has directed for theater, television and film.

John has also taught theater and photography for private schools in California.


John has studied with numerous teachers and coaches, including Ivana Chubbuck, Larry Silverburg, Alan Schneider, Eric Christmas, Tom Humphrey, Anne Brebner, Lee Sankowich, Mark Monroe, Kate McGregor Stewart and Richard Seyd.                                                   


John wrote, directed and starred in the 28 minute short, The Ride, which toured the world in film festivals.

The Ride film won the Audience Award in Moscow  and Best of Festival in Chicago.


From 1992 to 2003 John earned his living as an actor for film and television in  LosAngeles. In 2003 John moved his family moved to Brussels where he continues to  work as an Actor as well as an acting  and American dialect Coach. He has shared the screen with Jean Dujardin, Matthias Schoenarts, Catherine Deneuve, Ron Perlman, Thierry Lhermite, Jen-Pierre Marielle, Jen Reno, Jen-Claude Van Damme, Jeremy Renier and others.


He founded the Flanders Acting Studio in 2007 in Brussels.


28 Minute Fiction
(based on a true story)
Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by
John Flanders

Some recent Film & Television :


    Black Beach

    The Room (w/ Kevin Janssens; Dir. 

    Iron Sky - The Coming Race  Dir. Timo Vuorensola

    De Bunker (TV series);  Eyeworks Belgium

    Moonwalkers  (w/ Ron Perlman & Rupert Grint) Dir. Antoine Bardou-Jacquet

    Ésprit de Famille  TV Series  RTBF  Dir. Jean-Marc Vervoort

    Le French  (w/ Jean Dujardin)  Dir. Cédric Jimenez

    JO  (w/ Jean Reno) TV Series

    Loft    (Diaolgue Coach for Matthias Schoenaerts)

    The Spiral    (TV series) Dir. Hans Herbots

    Cloclo    (w/ Jeremie Renier)  Dir. François Ozon

    Little Glory  (w/ Cameron Bright)  Dir. Vincent Lanoo 

    L’envahiseur  (w/ Stefania Rocca)  Dir. Nicolas Provost

    Potiche (w/ Chaterine Deneuve & Fabrice Luchini) Dir. Françoisd Ozon

    JCVD  (w/ Jean-Claude Van Damme)  Dir.  Mabrouk El Mechri

    Sans Rancune (w/Thierry Lehrmitte) Dir. Yves Hancher

    Het goddelijke monster    (TV filmseries) Dir. by Hans Herbots

    Rondo (w/ Jean-Pierre Marielle) Dir. Olivier van Malderghem

    De Kavijacts (VTM) Dir. Stijn Cooninx's 

    La Compagnie Des Glaces (France 2/Canada TV series) Dir. Paolo Barzman's


Additional work in over 300 commercials, voice-overs and corporate videos.

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